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Increase Your Profitability NOW!

PierVantage delivers cutting edge capabilities that will allow your business to live up to its full potential.  PierVantage Customers who have completed a Return-On-Investment (ROI) Analysis have validated its benefits and have estimated the Payback Period on the first year PierVantage investment to generally be less than 6 months!

Reduce Revenue Give-Away
Revenue give-away can significantly erode your Profitability!  PierVantage allows you to create detailed estimates so you avoid underbidding.  You can track rework by employee and task to identify leakage.  Your technicians can easily track their time and material checkouts against work order tasks ensuring accurate invoicing.
Increase Employee Productivity
PierVantage provides you with critical insight into your employees' productivity.  Understand productivity by analyzing billable hours versus worked hours and compare no-bill hours and rework hours to understand their impact on your profitability.
Understand Your Key Metrics
Simple tools that give you unprecedented visibility into the profitability of your jobs even while they are in process!  Drill down to understand which operation codes and tasks are the most profitable.  Leverage actual historical insights to ensure the accuracy of new estimates.
Eliminate Technology Expense
PierVantage is the first and ONLY true Cloud Based Boatyard Management Solution in the market.  All you need is an Internet connection.  No Hardware or Software to purchase or maintain means NO HASSLE!

Your Customers Demand Better... With PierVantage You Can Deliver!

Designed and built from the ground up, PierVantage incorporates state of the art technology and a simple business model that will significantly improve the way you do business.

PierVantage is TRULY Cloud Based
You get more than software with a cloud based solution: You get a service that not only provides you with software, but also manages it for you. You don’t have to worry about the expense of buying or maintaining expensive hardware and software every few years.  No Hardware, No Software and No Maintenance means LESS COST and  NO HASSLE!
Always Up To date
With PierVantage, you are always working with the very latest software and hardware.  Functional upgrades to purchased modules are FREE and are deployed centrally.  In addition, servers, storage and system software are upgraded routinely—another cost you now avoid.
Connect With Your Customer
Communication is the key to building trusting relationships!  The optional Customer Portal Module facilitates that communication - you can even allow your customers access to view their invoices and statements online and SECURELY make payments to their accounts via credit cards.
Better Visibility = Smarter Decisions
Your business is important to you.  In order to optimize your business potential you need good accurate information.  PierVantage delivers detailed insights into all aspects of your operation, providing you reliable information to help guide the important decisions necessary to manage your business.

Simple Tools, Sophisticated Capabilities

PierVantage is the first and only integrated, cloud based marine management solution that truly helps boatyards and marinas operate more effectively, lower costs and increase customer satisfaction.  Developed in concert with some of the nation’s leading marine businesses, PierVantage is easy to use and offers fast setup through a secure hosted service, which eliminates the need to manage expensive hardware and software.  PierVantage provides job management, billing workflow, employee time management, purchasing and inventory, ships store, reservations, accounting and administrative functions and as well as many other features.  PierVantage delivers game changing value by emphasizing communication, process effectiveness and information visibility.

Job Management / Estimation
Complete with the ability to create detailed estimates that convert instantly into work orders, track change orders, schedule labor resources, easily apply time and materials and understand job profitability, PierVantage delivers the operational punch your business needs.
Go Paperless
Whether you want to batch email customer statements, invoices and even POS receipts, let customers make their own payments via secure credit card processing or allow your technicians to enter their own hours and part checkouts directly into PierVantage, you will have plenty of opportunities to reduce the inefficient paper trail!
With true in-process billing you can rest assured that you will not double bill your customers.  Furthermore, PierVantage will not let you close out a work order until every part and labor hour has been invoiced, making sure that you do not under bill your customers.
Purchasing and Inventory Management
Managing inventory is key to running a successful operation.  PierVantage allows you manage stock items, special order items and shop supplies effectively, even allowing you to assign PO items directly to work order tasks or multiple warehouse locations..

Your Information Assets Are Secure

The information you store about your business and your customers is your most important asset.  Without it, your business cannot function.  How secure is that information today and what are you doing to protect it?  With PierVantage your data is secure - one less thing for you to worry about, letting you stay focused on your business!

Tier 1 Data Center
Critical information about your business and customers is protected in a Tier 1 data center, which provides the same level of security used by many banks to protect financial information. The data center facilities are secure and have 24-hour monitoring with multiple levels of physical security.
Data is transferred between your computer and the PierVantage servers using secure socket layers (SSL), which means all traffic is encrypted.  In addition, throughout PierVantage, all employee and customer information is stored encrypted.  
Enhanced Security Oriented Architecture
It is no accident!  PierVantage was architected from the ground up to be the most secure marine management  solution in the market.  The engineers at CorVant have carefully implemented current security protocols - from a hardware, network and software perspective.
Our Focus On Security
We are committed to providing our services in a secure manner and protecting your information assets.  That is why CorVant has a Chief Information Security Officer on its staff who is responsible for staying up to date on current security protocols and ensuring that PierVantage continues to lead the industry when it comes to Information Security.

High Reliability, High Availability!
Our Customers depend on PierVantage to run their operations and we do not take that responsibility lightly.   High availability is an expectation today for businesses of all shapes and sizes, even in emergency or natural disaster situations.  Our platform is scalable, reliable and architected with redundant components to support your business even under the most challenging conditions.  

Always Available
Your business records and customer information are the life-blood of your operation.  With PierVantage, those records are safe and accessible no matter what.  You can access them from anywhere in the world via any device that connects to the Internet.
Every major component of our high availability platform is redundant, minimizing disruptive downtime.  Your data is backed up on a near real-time basis and stored off-site, protecting
your valuable business information against catastrophic occurrences.
Scalable ~ Add New Seats Anytime!
Our platform has ample capacity to scale as your business grows.  Adding new users is a snap, and you only pay for what you need now: users, functions and features can be added painlessly as you grow, with no need to ever purchase new hardware or install new software.
Implementation is Easy
Implementation is stress-free – there are no servers to setup and no software to install and configure, so users will be up and running in hours, not weeks. Cloud based software is available anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.  And since so many people already have internet experience, learning curves are shorter and adoption rates are higher.

Why PierVantage is becoming the industry standard.
“PierVantage gives me the quick and easy information that I need to manage my yard more efficiently and everyone on my team has access to what the customer needs. PierVantage has horsepower and commitment behind their product. They are responsive to our requests and provide the flexibility to adapt the reporting and functionality to our needs.”

– Steve Rowe, Owner, Great Island Boat Yard, Harpswell, Maine

Why PierVantage is becoming the industry standard.
“We considered available options, from ­marine specific software to general ­accounting solutions, to address our ­critical business management needs and determined that there had to be a better choice.”

– Cabot Lyman, Owner, Lyman Morse Boatbuilding Co., Thomaston, Maine
Why PierVantage is becoming the industry standard.
"PierVantage streamlined our work order process by helping us layout the life of a job.  This new process has increased our efficiency as we now move from estimate to invoice seamlessly.  Furthermore, the cloud based program provides great accessibly from both our yards and allows us to easily share valuable information."
– Nick King, Vice President, Bristol Marine, Bristol, Rhode Island
Why PierVantage is becoming the industry standard.
"PierVantage has improved our overall operations, including our work order management and the efficiency and accuracy of our billing process.   Not only am I extremely pleased with the product, I am also impressed by their team and the quality of the Customer Support they provide - I believe it is one of their strongest attributes.  Any time our team communicates with PierVantage Customer Support they are always responsive, knowledgeable and courteous."
– Ryan Levi, Chief Operating Officer, Diversified Yacht Services, Inc., Fort Myers Beach, FL

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